Goals and Objectives

  • To create indigenous thought leadership and next-generation global leadership in every sphere of life, for instance, but not limited to – history and culture, economy, science, technology, business, journalism, tourism, constitution, social issues, and polity for securing a better future of India.
  • To spread awareness on indigenous cultural values, traditions of art, music and philosophy which are the core pillars of Indian nation and to promote these core pillars for creating a valued society.
  • To strive for correct narratives of Indian history and correct interpretations of rituals and traditions on the modern parlance and to publish literature, organize events to achieve this objective.
  • To establish world-class academic research and development centers to advance education and learning on the theme of indigenous Indology and to establish scholarships and awards.
  • To generate funds for charitable activities to help needy people including children and women to bring benefits of welfare policies of central and state government to them.
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