About Us

Indology Foundation has been conceived and founded by Mr Lalit Mishra, a strategist, thinker, and activist along with his friends and well wishers in year-2018.

Various versions have evolved over the years, sometimes by accident, sometimes on purpose (injected humour and the like).

The primary goals of the foundation for that entire team of Indology Foundation has been working relentlessly.

  • To create indigenous thought leadership and next-generation global leadership in every sphere of life, for instance, but not limited to – history and culture, economy, science, technology, business, journalism, tourism, constitution, social issues, and polity for securing a better future of India.
  • To spread awareness on indigenous cultural values, traditions of art, music and philosophy which are the core pillars of Indian nation and to promote these core pillars for creating a valued society.
  • To strive for correct narratives of Indian history and correct interpretations of rituals and traditions on the modern parlance and to publish literature, organize events to achieve this objective.
  • To establish world-class academic research and development centers to advance education and learning on the theme of indigenous Indology and to establish scholarships and awards.
  • To generate funds for charitable activities to help needy people including children and women to bring benefits of welfare policies of central and state government to them.



The Run for History, Run For Legacy movement in Delhi NCR which became a national event


A far reaching presentation in PMO following PM Modi’s call. The presentation was made on  making an strategic move for effective dealing with terrorism in Kashmir sponsored by Pakistan.

Leading role in formation of a  committee comprising super experts of history, archaeology and linguistics by the Ministry of Culture, Govt of India for making standard narrative of Indian culture since 10,000 BC


Movement against erasure of Vedic history and the campaign for restoring the same to NCERT’s 10+2 curriculum.  NCERT issued an official letter acknowledging the erasure and offering to invite us during the preparation of new curriculum. NCERT also expressed the intent to consider the information provided by us  for designing new curriculum Comprehensive research  on Indian philosophy of Rashtra continued since the Vedic period


Launched the book on history of Ayodhya’s antiquity in view of the archaeological and epigraphical evidences.


Demonstrated evidences of surgical instruments found in excavation of Taxila with a view to put an end to dispute that in Ancient India there was no surgery which led to suspicion on Sushruta’s work


Series of Web-Conferences on Grand Narrative of Indian Civilization.

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