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Tribute To Immortal Warrior And Freedom Fighter

Shri Chandrashekhar Azad Tiwari on his 115th birth anniversary

Exclusive Discussion on COVID-19

Special Focus on RT/PCR, Viral Load Oxygenation, Plasma and other modes of Interventions for ARDS Management.

Securing More Breaths in Rural India

We managed Oxygen Concentrators for eight districts – Chitrakoot, Ayodhya, Rewa, Vidisha, Ujjain, Devas, Mandsaur and Neemuch.

Indology Foundation

Building The Grand Narrative Of Indian Civilization

Our dream is to build grand narrative of Indian civilization, for that matter, we are working relentlessly. Indian narrative is plagued with numerous complications and problems coming from a combination of incomplete or erroneous work produced in the domain of history, archaeology, and Sanskrit texts. It requires scholarly work of merit, the prevailing approach of critiquing and complaining colonial or left-historian’s political agenda may create awareness but may not offer required solutions to solve such complex problems, and therefore, we have come forward with very ambitious, challenging and demanding research driven narrative building programs, which are a first of its kind in India.

Chief Guests & Special Guests

Shri Akhilesh Mishra, IFS

Add secretary


Dr. Arvind Jamkhedkar



Dr. Sudhanshu Trivedi

MP (Rajya Sabha)

National Spokesperson (BJP)

SHRI Amish Tripathi

Renowned author & Director

Nehru Center Audley Street ,London

Dr. Bhushan Patwardhan

Vice Chairman

UGC , New Delhi

Shri Gautam Bhattacharya

Deputy Head of Mission & Political Affairs , Embassy of Sweden ,New Delhi

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