Woman Leadership: Transforming, Indian Diaspora

Navaratri Talks - Nine Days Lecture Series by Eminent Women Scholars

The Idea of the Talk Series

On the occasion of  auspicious days of the “Navaratris”, from Dt: 17’th Oct, 2020  to  Dt: 25th Oct, 2020  for all 9 days, Indology Foundation, New Delhi in collaboration with  Sinhgad Institute, and SNDT Women University organized a grand talk series in which eminent women scholars, academicians and professionals of repute and credibility spoke on a wide range of subject on the themes of their expertise and choice.

The talks are the true reflection of traditional Indian wisdom which hails women with great honor and regard on a modem idiom. The talks are visual document educating and spreading awareness every Indian on indigenous woman leadership

The Talks are Available Online at YouTube

Dr. Indrani Choudhary

Assistant Professor, Assam University

Topic: “Mahishasura Mardini:

An iconography study of Assam”

Dr. Sarita Rani

Assistant Professor, B.H.U
“Topic: वैदिक एवं ग्रीक  दर्शनों में ज्ञान एवं तत्व की तुलनात्मक समीक्षा

Dr. Sunanda Srivastava

Former Superintend Archaeologist, ASI
Topic: “Homecoming of the Devi from abroad.”

Mrs. Bharti Nirmal

A spiritual leader
Topic:Antar Yatra – A Journey unto the Self”.

Ms. Nikita Pawar

Social Activist

Mrs. Sarla Bhirud

Ex Associate Producer & Indologist.
Journey of Mother Goddess to Saptamatruka

Dr Vibha Tripathi

Prof Emeritus, BHU
Topic: “Significant of Ancient Science & Technologies.”

Ms. Viju Bhatiya Bukate

Topic: Feminism a boon in Entrepreneurship”

Lt. Dr. P. Karpagavalli

Asstt Prof, Sri GVG Visalakashi College for Woman, Tripur

Topic: “Stigma of Acid Attack and Skin Donation as A Remedial Measure.”

Dr. Bhavani Rao R

Director, Ammachi Labs, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham

Topic:“Achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals through the principles of Motherhood.”

Dr Mina Kute


SNDT Woman College
नारी शक्तिजागरण

Dr. Amrita Sarkar

Deccan College, Pune
Topic:“Pioneering Women Archaeologists and Their Contribution.”

Dr Abha Mishra Pathak

Topic:खजुराहो के शिल्प मे अप्सराये

Ms. Archana Devasthale

Natural Farming Practitioner
Topic: “The Indian Culture & Tradition: Conservation & Sustainaibility in agriculture“

Ms Shreelata Menon

Topic: “Conservation,

Entrepreneurship and Women”

Com. Monika Sharma

Indian Navy
Topic: “Women in Armed Forces.”

Dr. Gauri Tamhankar

Diabetologist, Madhumitra Advanced Diabetes Clinic, Karad
Topic: “Management of Diabetes.”

Dr. Pratima Tatke

Principal, C.U Shah College of Pharmacy.

Topic: “Contribution of Women in Science & Technology.”

Dr. Muktaja Mathkari

Principal, S.N.D.T College of Home Science, Pune.
Topic: “Nuances of Indian Feminism.”

Dr. Padmini Balram

VishwaBharti (Shantiniketan)
Topic: “Transmission of Indian Textile to China.”

Ms. Lajja Batt

MSU- Baroda
Topic: “’Urvarashakti Important of


Dr. Nalini Patil

Principal, S.N.D.T College of Education, Pune
Topic: “’Power of Being the Self”

Ms. Manali Bipin Momaya

Research Scholar, Karnataka University.

Topic: “Contribution of Jainism to Integrity of the Ancient India”

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