Building The Grand Narrative Of Indian Civilization


Our dream is to build grand narrative of Indian civilization, for that matter, we are working relentlessly. Indian narrative is plagued with numerous complications and problems coming from a combination of incomplete or erroneous work produced in the domain of history, archaeology, and Sanskrit texts. It requires scholarly work of merit, the prevailing approach of critiquing and complaining colonial or left-historians’s political agenda may create awareness but may not offer required solutions to solve such complex problems, and therefore, we have come forward with very ambitious, challenging and demanding research driven narrative building programs, which are a first of its kind in India.

Beginning with Vedas:

Ongoing History Redefining Landmark Projects

1.Rigveda and Samaveda : A Modern Interpretation

A comprehensive, encyclopedic, modern, referenceable re-interpretation of two of our great vēdas – The ṛgvēda and sāmavēda, the project is estimated to run for 3 years and three months i.e upto the year-2023. any support from you in the accomplishment of the project shall be greatly appreciated and acknowledged.

2. An Enhanced Modern Nirukta

An enhanced and extended Nirukta, Indian scholar of the Mahabharata period, The great Yāska produced the world’s first book of etymology, the ‘Nirukta’. The Yāska wanted to explain the right meanings of obscure words used in ṛgvēda, however, since then no addition to his work happened. Our endeavor is to extend etymologies from 1400 words to 5000 words

3. International Journal

Publishing a standard research journal on an internal scale which may serve the needs of scholars and common people alike. We understand and value the contribution of scholars but we are also mindful to the matter of the fact that every scholarly work must benefit the common people’s understanding of their culture as its they who are to continue the wheel of culture.

Nine Key Discoveries of Vedic Era

in The Field of Science and Mathematics

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